Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings are the best option for chipped, broken or decayed teeth. While there are different cosmetic solutions that have been invented for repairing the chipped, broken or decayed teeth and tooth colored fillings helps in restoring the shape, color and size of the tooth without the need of replacing the damaged tooth.

Tooth-colored fillings keep your smile bright as it restores your teeth with realistic and natural appearance. This filling agent is the best way of treating cavities and decayed tooth without making you conscious while smiling or talking since the filling is not visible to anyone.

Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

Metal fillings are becoming obsolete as many people are concerned over the perceived health risk and there are now more cosmetically pleasing options. Apart from being difficult to detect, tooth colored fillings don’t call attention like the standard metal fillings as they match the natural color of the tooth. This kind of filling blends seamlessly with natural color of existing teeth which restores the teeth to its natural state so that no one can identify the correction to your tooth.

These fillings keep your smile bright since more and more dentist are using these filling over metal filling for providing you with a beautiful smile. Tooth colored fillings provide a healthy tooth structure that appears natural and can be used for improving dental aesthetics. Dental fillings are very important for maintaining the wellness and overall oral health of patient in the long run as cavities can destroy the tooth and surrounding teeth if left untreated.

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