Quality Arizona Same Day Dentures

Are you looking for same day dentures? Quality dentures provided the same day can be difficult to find. The expert dentures dentists at Tempe Dental Care understand this. Tempe Dental Care has a state-of-the-art, on-site dental laboratory so our expert dentures dentists and dentures fabricators can offer our patients custom, attractive dentures fast – and at an affordable price.

Best of all, our on-site dentures lab allows our dentists to offer quality Arizona same day dentures.

How Dentures Work at Most Offices

At most dental offices, it takes weeks, sometimes months, to make a new denture from start to finish. An impression is taken and mailed or sent to an outside lab. The dentures lab may have the case for a couple of weeks before the first step is completed. Then, the case is sent back to the dentist. The patient comes in for their follow-up appointment where the dentist places the initial dentures created by the laboratory technician. The dentist marks the changes that need to be made for the appropriate fit and the case then goes back to the lab for the next step. This usually occurs three times for most dentures cases. If anything goes wrong in these steps, an extra visit is needed and more time passes until the dentures are completed.

This is not how dentures are created at Tempe Dental Care.

How Tempe Dental Care creates Quality Arizona Same Day Dentures

The dentures dentists at Tempe Dental Care understand that some patients need their dentures immediately so we offer quality Arizona same day dentures. You will truly get your dentures in just one day. Your appointment will be scheduled early in the morning. This means that there may be some days we cannot offer same day dentures just because our office isn’t open early enough. A Arizona same day dentures expert will take your dental impressions which are immediately transferred to our on-site dentures lab. Our dentures technicians start your Arizona same day dentures fabrication immediately. After fabrication, your dentures will be checked and fitted for ultimate comfort. Any changes that need to be made will be made immediately and rechecked. At the end of the day you will have a new set of comfortable, perfectly fitted, Arizona same day dentures.