Implanted Dentures

The comfort and contentment of patients is the number one priority for our dentists. That means evaluating the entire oral situation and providing the best options available in the industry. Depending on your situation, implanted dentures may be far more beneficial for you than traditional dentures.

Benefits of Implanted Dentures

Implants are on a permanent foundation. Dental implant dentures are secure and easy to put in and take out. Why deal with uncomfortable dentures when you can have the appearance of permanent set of teeth again? Implanted dentures can be removed and cleaned with ease, but won’t move around in the mouth. Even if the gums change, the dentures still fit comfortably, as they set on a foundation, not the gums.

Implanted dentures are like having real teeth. Once the mouth heals, the patient can literally eat whatever they want, from fresh, crisp apples to a hearty steak. Chewing will be normal again and people will not even know you have false teeth, unless you share the information, or remove your teeth. The denture implants will add self confidence, and brings a smile back to many of those who once feared floppy dentures. They lock onto the implants quick and easy, staying securely in place until removed.

The process is painless and cost efficient. The patient is asleep when the implants are put into place. The cost is less than that of a full dental implant procedure, but just as secure and natural looking. Most people do not experience a high level of pain afterwards.

The dentist may not be anyone’s favorite place to visit, but they do want all the patients to be healthy and happy in life. Most importantly, our dentists want each and every patient to smile a genuine smile. One of the easiest ways to do that is with the dental implant dentures. Those who have this done are usually beaming with joy. Not only can they smile and eat again, they can do so without denture cream!

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