Phoenix AZ Dentures Dentistry

Dentures dentistry is a specialized practice. A large part of Tempe Dental Care’s clientele comes in for our Arizona dentures services dentistry. This is partially because we have an on-site lab and offer a great turnaround on our dentures and partially because of our top-quality work.

We are very proud of our Phoenix AZ dentures dentistry that allows us to provide the best dentures services in Arizona. We work hard to give our clients the most natural looking smile possible, matching old tooth color, gum color, skin tone, and even hair and eye color. Our on-site lab allows us to be at the forefront of dentures dentistry and we make sure to stay on top of all new developments in dentures dentistry.

On-site Lab Allows Us To Provide Top Phoenix AZ Dentures Dentistry

Our on-site lab allows us to offer affordable dentures dentistry to all of our clients. We accept most of the top dental insurance plans and work with some of the best dental credit centers to offer affordable repayment plans.

If you are looking for a dental office that specializes in dentures dentistry, look no further than Tempe Dental Care. We are proud to say that we have patients coming in from all around the valley for our dentures dentistry. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or a free consultation. We are always accepting new patients.

Same Day Dentures Dentistry in Arizona

Same day dentures dentistry is a wonderful service that we can offer. Tempe Dental Care is proud to say that we have our own dentures lab on-site, which allows us to offer same day dentures. Same day dentures dentistry isn’t to be confused with immediate dentures. Same day dentures are permanent, top-quality, custom dentures that are created the day you go into the office. Immediate dentures, on the other hand, are dentures that you put in immediately after having your teeth extracted (removed).

We have people from all over Arizona coming to Tempe Dental Care for our top-quality same day dentures dentistry. In order to offer this, we typically schedule an early morning appointment at least a week in advance. When you come in that morning, we’ll take impressions and then will spend the rest of the day creating your dentures. By the end of the business day, your Arizona same day dentures will be completed.

Why is an on-site denture lab necessary for same day dentures dentistry? What takes dentures the longest to create is that dentures are often sent back and forth from the dentist’s office to the denture lab multiple times to get the proper fit. By having the denture lab in the dentist’s office, you reduce the back-and-forth, which means you’ll get your dentures that much faster.

Call Tempe Dental Care today for an appointment or free consultation at (480) 730-5000.

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