Our Own Dentures Lab AZ

Tempe Dental Care is one the few offices nationwide that has a full service dentures lab. Our dentures experts can repair a broken denture in less than an hour. New custom dentures can be made in as little as a day.

How This Is Different From Other Offices

Most dentures dentists send dentures lab AZ work to a location away from their office. This is not the case in our office. Since our dentures lab AZ is located directly in our office, your dentures dentist interacts directly with the dentures technician. The dentures technician can also give input directly to the dentist. Plus, since we work together daily, we are able to give you the best result possible. This enables our office to give a high quality dentures product with the fastest turn around. At Tempe Dental Care, you never need to worry about being without your dentures.

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