Dental care can be done at any level of your pregnancy. However, the most appropriate time to perform elective dental care during pregnancy is in the second trimester usually between weeks 14-20. 

By this period, most of the fetus organs are developed and the risk of possible side effects is lower. Medical rese arch also suggests that expectant women who have root canal treatment, tooth fillings or undergo tooth extractions during the 2nd trimester don’t experience higher rate of problem during delivery. In addition to this, postural discomfort and nausea are often less an issue during this particular level.

Keeping in mind that you gums and teeth may be affected by hormones changes that may led to oral pain and swelling during pregnancy, regular visits to a dentist while pregnant are recommended to avert any consequences of dental issues. Your dentist will carefully monitor the use of medications and recommend the best to use.

In order to maintain good dental health during pregnancy, follow these simple guidelines:

Brush regularly, it’s advisable to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least two times a day and for at least 2 minutes.

Eat a healthy diet, eating diets rich calcium, proteins and vitamins can help support the health of your baby in addition to protecting your teeth.

Use mouthwash; consider rinsing with an antimicrobial mouthwash can also help control bacteria that lead to gingivitis which is a dental problem that causes swelling of gums; person may also experience bleeding gums whenever they brush or floss their teeth. Symptoms of this condition only disappear after the infant are born.

Dental floss, flossing at least once every day can help minimize pregnancy gingivitis.

Visit a dentist, see you dentist for periodic dental care and treatment while you’re pregnant.

It’s important to note certain elective treatment such as cosmetic procedures and teeth whitening should be postponed until after delivery, such dental work exposing the fetus to health risks.

It’s highly advisable to continue visiting you dentist while pregnant and to follow regular dental care procedure and schedule; and her are certain things you need to do to protect the infant:

Tell your dentist you’re expectant. No matter the stage of your pregnancy, make sure you inform your dentist of your condition. That way medications and treatment that may involve X-rays and sedatives may be considered.

Avoid major dental care procedure at all cost. If you need certain complex or major care performed on your teeth, it’s highly advisable to wait until the infant is born to have any of these major procedures done.

Always ask questions whenever your visit your dentist while pregnant and plan your visit carefully.

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