Laser dentistry is a form of dentistry that is revolutionizing how dentists can perform various procedures. Laser dentistry is only as effective as the dentist that is providing the procedure. The dentist has to be able to control the power output and be aware of the duration of exposure the laser has on the tissue. If the dentist is able to do this, laser dentistry is a great option that allows for the dentist to provide treatment to a highly specific area without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Before having laser surgery, make sure to find a dentist that has incorporated laser dentistry techniques into their practices and treatments. As more and more applications for dental lasers are created, the more dentists are going to go in the direction of laser dentistry because of the benefits it provides the patient. If you are able to find a dentist with experience in laser dentistry, you will find that laser dentistry can provide you with treatment that can minimize pain and recovery time.

Here are some of the benefits of laser dentistry:

  • Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding. The high energy light beam aids in the clotting of the exposed blood vessels and prevents blood loss
  • You are less likely to have a bacterial infection during your healing time because the high energy beam sterilizes the area being operated on
  • Several laser dentistry procedures do not require any anesthesia
  • Procedures using soft dental lasers often do not require stitches
  • Your wounds will heal faster and tissue can be regenerated
  • Damage to surrounding tissue is minimized
  • Laser dentistry is a new innovative way of performing oral surgery and as it becomes more mainstream the benefits to the patient will far outweighs the risks. Laser dentistry can be used on hard and soft tissue and can provide the patient with a more pleasurable experience during and after their procedure.