Arizona Sedation Dentistry Reviews

Tempe Dental Care is one of the leading Arizona dental offices offering both oral and IV dental sedation options. We are proud to share with you just a few of our Arizona Sedation Dentistry Reviews from some of our sedation patients. Please visit our Patient Testimonials page for more reviews about the dentists and staff at Tempe Dental Care.

Easier Than Anticipated
“Everyone was polite and went out of their way to make things easier for me. Even without the best cooperation from my insurance company they were able to make up a treatment plan to get everything done in one visit with the sedation that I desired. I am looking forward to having the work done and not having to worry about my “bad teeth” any more.” – William S.

“Dr. Ward and Erma Mendez are excellent. All the procedures have been well planned, well scheduled, and well executed.” – David E.

Very Pleasant!
“I have a horrible phobia of the dentist and have had very bad experiences in the past. Everyone at Tempe Dental Care was very nice and understanding of that. No one made me feel silly when I started crying in the dentist’s chair, and for that, I thank you!” – Catherine C.

“I was terrified to the point of tears today, but everyone was so friendly, comforting and professional. In addition to that, I appreciate the time everyone took to make sure I fully understood my options and worked out the best game plan for my care. Thank you soooo much!” – Jaylynn  S.

My entire experience at Tempe Dental Care was magnificent.
The staff are very friendly and caring…and there are no compliments high enough to praise your doctors!!! God truly led me to the right dentist and dental office. I love you guys!!!! I was petrified when I went in for the procedure…having 18 teeth extracted some of them surgically…[pretty scary even for a brave person and I am a professional coward when it comes to pain. The worst pain I felt was my completely unjustified fear before the procedure. I had nitrous and novocaine and didn’t feel a thing…I kid you not!!! they even pout so much prep numbing solution on my gums prior to injecting the novocaine that I hardly felt the needles going in. At other dentists when I have had the same thing done the needles hurt like hell. Not with Tempe Dental Care. He even had took extra time and visits at no additional charge to be sure the temporary dentures would be a good fit. He takes pride in his work and I nominate him for Dentist of the Year!!!! You have a 1-10 ratng scale shown below and I will give you a 10 but that is not anywhere near high enough!!!!! – Tracilyn L.

I put off dental care for too long
I put off dental care for too long and the good folks at Tempe Dental did an amazing job without making me feel terrible for my negligence. I still have several more visits before I’m done, but don’t fear even after my first couple of visits. – Anonymous

The Place To Go
If you have to go to the dentist – and all of us do – Tempe Dental Care is the place to go. Professional and caring. Most of all friendly so you don’t feel like you’ve been thrown to the wolves. Have sent friends here and they were as pleased as I have been. – Rachel C

Sedation Dentistry
I have total phobia of going to the dentist. It had been a long time and I knew I needed to bite the bullet and go. I chose Tempe Dental Care because they offer sedation services. The staff was all VERY friendly, informative and I was relaxed the entire time. They really understand that some people just can’t stand going to the dentist and they made my experience a pleasant one! Highly recommend. – Debra F.